Printing chemistry production „Made in Germany"

We produce all the key products of the printing chemistry after our own formulas. Continuous quality assurance and improvements are self-evident.

Besides our own products we supply directly to large printing works or traders, we are able to produce at low cost also small and very small quantities for individual customer requirements. The packaging can be up to 1,000 liter unit from one liter / kilo.

Our contract manufacturing after formulas from customers enables our customers to dispose of different printing chemical products at short notice.

Supply of printing chemistry all over the world

We support foreign companies in the domestic production by supplying them with printing chemical raw materials, finished products and formulas.

As a service, we develop, optimize and verify customized recipes.

The environmentally sound storage and disposal of our products is natural for us and is part of the daily business.

Water softening plant. For the production softened water is needed.

These batchers guarantee the required amount of water in the required mixing ratio for the product.

Water boiler to produce sensitive products with the desired water temperature.

Various sizes of mixing tanks are available in the production.

Osmosis system providing high-purity water for our production.

This packaging machine seals the box simultaneously from above and below in a single operation.

Labelling machines facilitate the labelling of larger quantities of printing chemical products in various packaging sizes.

The high-bay racking stores not only the raw materials necessary for the production of printing chemical products but also numerous plain packaging of different sizes.

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