Fountain Solutions

Aqua Sprint 100

Universal fountain solution for sheet fed offset.

Strongly buffered which with an addition of 2-3 % will normally give a reading of pH 5,3 +/- 0,2.

5 kg container Item  041010105
0010 kg container Item  041010110
0020 kg container Item  041010120
0200 kg drum Item  041011000


Aqua Sprint 200

Special fountain solution for cold web offset.

Strongly buffered which with an addition of 2,5 % will normally give a reading of pH 5,0 +/- 0,2.

10 kg container Item  041020110
20 kg container Item  041020120
0200 kg drum Item  041020200
1000 kg container Item  041021000


Aqua Sprint 300

Special fountain solution for heatset web offset.

Strongly buffered which with an addition of 2,5 % will normally give a reading of pH 4,7 +/- 0,1.

20 kg container Item  041030120
200 kg drum Item  041030200
1000 kg container Item  041031000


Aqua Sprint 400

Special fountain solution for newspaper rotation.

Strongly buffered which with an addition of 2,5 % will normally give a reading of pH 4,8 +/- 0,1.

20 kg container Item  041040120
200 kg drum Item  041040200
1000 kg container Item  041041000


Offset printers know what kind of characteristics modern fountain solutions should have.

Our solutions contain efficient antibacterial and corrosion inhibition.



REMARK: The additions take note to a water hardness up to 20° dH. Harder water takes a higher addition or a special product. 
Sico Speed

A fountain solution for sheet fed offset in combination with drier.

Stabilizes the ph-value by addition of 2,5 % to 5,2 +/- 0,2.


Sico Speed contains all characteristics of a modern fountain solution. Through the combination with drier Sico Speed is useful especially for the printing of bad drying materials.


The using of Sico Speed improves drying and also increases rub resistance of oxidative drying inks.


Strongly over additions could, like by all other solutions, cause a negative influence in drying.

5 kg container Item  042010105
         10 kg container Item  042010110


Fountain Drier

Liquid drier for addition to fountain water.

Addition: 1-2% to the ready for use fountain water. (Do not exceed dosage.)

1 kg bottle; 6 bottles in a carton Item  042020006
5 kg container Item  042020105
         10 kg container Item  042020110

IPA free fountain solution for sheet fed, heatset printing and newspaper rotation.


10 kg container             Item  04300110
21 kg container Item  04300120
    210 kg drum Item  04300200
    650 kg container Item  04300600
  1050 kg container Item  04301000


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