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We carry all formats from different manufacturers and different models. In addition, we are able to offer a varnish form service. Please talk to us about your special needs cases. 



Spectro-Densitometer from the company TECHKON


The use of measurement equipment for quality assurance in the pressure is now beyond question. SpectroDens gives you a modern instrument at hand, which can be used universally. In the pre-print for verifying proofs for ongoing quality control at the printing press, during delivery inspection of paper and print products or in a color lab, SpectroDens is optimal for each application. The individually adjustable user interface enables you to set the particular job quickly.





DigiNip measures the roll gap without color to indicate an objective, accurate value. In the measurement of the gap caused by the measuring tongue, increase is taken into account. It may be necessary as a correlation table with the old gap measurement method.

  • By simultaneous measurements on two tracks, the measuring of the parallelism of the rolls and the column is immediately carried out. 
  • You can select measurement unit as millimeters or mils (milli inch).
  • You can activate the acoustic measuring Help Information.
  • Loosen the tongues, if necessary.
  • The tabs can be replaced by the user.
  • Easy connection of tongues by distinguishing the colors at each end of the cable.
  • The calibration is saved so that mishandling is avoided.

Art.-Nr.  163000010



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