Special Products

Drain Tap/Valve
    for 005 l und 10 l plastic canister
  Item  131020010
    for 020 l plastic canister
  Item  131020020
    for 200 l drum
  Item  131020200


Empty Containers in various sizes

5 l canister      Item  211010000
10 l canister Item  211030000
20 l canister Item  211050000
 0200 l drum Item  211070000


Rubber Gloves

in different sizes and materials   Item  131050000


Source Sponges

    Item  131060001


pH Measuring Strips

    Item  131070001


Water Hardness – Total Hardness Test

    Item  132060100


Hand Cleaning Paste I for dispenser

          3 l tin; 06 tins in carton Item  131090003



for hand washing paste I   Item  131000000


Hand Cleaning Paste II for manual removal

   10 l PE-bucket Item  131130120
ProSkin Skin Protecting Cream

Dermatological acceptable protective skin cream. Prevents hours for the skin damaging effects of paint and solvents.


Application: Put ProSkin on freshly washed and dried hands and rub; leave for 2-3 minutes.

1000 ml can; 12 cans per carton Item  132080012


Scanner Cleaner

Cleaning solution for cylinder. Removes adhesive, dirt and greasy dirt. VBF A I.

Scanner Cleaner is available in the following packages:

        1 l bottle; 06 bottles per carton Item  132030006
5 l canister Item  132030105



Ready to use, highly effective anti foam to eliminate foam in dampening systems, plate processors, and distillation water circuits.


Dosage depending on the system and amount of fluid: around 0,5 %.

Anti-Foam is available in the following packages:

  250 ml bottle; 20 bottles per carton Item  132040250
1 l bottle; 06 bottles per carton Item  132040006

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